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                                   Hello and Welcome to SEAPPs Website!

SEAPP work with software and app development for Apple products such as IOS and OS X operating systems.

We are happy to assist you – or your organisation – in the process of creating full featured applications …

No project is too small.

Please have a look at our video tutorials how to learn programming within Xcode which is the developing platform for Apple.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find a course here on our website.

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Samuel Engstrom

Samuel Engstrom


-I love to develop apps, websites and sometimes some graphics. The most fun with coding is when you learn new things and how you could make it better. But the actually best part of coding is when you have created the (Base) and can start go deeper and more advanced and have more focus on the graphics and so on. The language I’m coding in is called Swift and it is Apples new modern programming language. And It is from me the tutorials will be uploaded and instructed by. You can email SEAPP or contact me privately on email

Josh Schlabach

Josh Schlabach


-Hi everyone! I love developing games for the iOS AppStore. I enjoy coding in general and learning new things. So far I have developed one game!

Jacob Sandum

Jacob Sandum


Hey guys, my name is Jacob Sandum and I am a very passionate programmer and tech enthusiast. My hobbies include wrestling, running,snowboarding, tinkering, programming, and hanging out with friends.

                                                         Our Services

Programming Courses

  • We offers free Programming courses on SEAPP Inc. We love to share knowledge and to help people who is interested in computers and the programming experience! Enjoy and have fun.
  • Learn to program
  • Tutorials
  • Understanding of the coding
  • Learn to read code
  • Swift programming language knowledge
  • Xcode knowledge
  • UI/SpriteKit knowledge
  • And much more!


  • If you have any suggestion, App Idea, Helping or want to make contracts of app ideas/Web developing Email SEAPP.
  • Partnership
  • Team
  • Contracts
  • Ideas
  • Suggestions
  • Feedback
  • Sponsor

Our Apps

  • SEAPP have developed apps like Our own awesome app CircleRadius who is a game for you who want to test your "Skills" ;). CircleRadius will be available for download World Wide 2016, July. We are very happy about our app. SEAPP works on many apps so stay active for more apps! Watch The Official Trailer now at:
  • CircleRadius
  • Available July 2016
  • Download!
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  • AppStore iOS
  • Skill Game


CircleRadius in the Main menu there you have accessibility to the apps all functions and preferences like SkinsShop, Different types of modes, Music and Sound Effects and the Official Game Center Leaderboard! Download, July 2016
CircleRadius Game in Action! React fast and dodge the tiles moving down! Collect coins to buy Skins to your character in the shop. React fast and beat your and your friends Highscore. Download July 2016
In the preferences menu you can choose for example Day or Night mode which make the game more funnier! Choose Night mode when you feel for it. Preferences for Sound Effects and Music is also avail be in this menu to turn of/on. You will also have accessibility to the character placement on the screen to make the Game Perfect for you! Have fun. Download July 2016

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Send a Email to SEAPP Inc if you have Questions,Feedback,Contract,Partnership,Sponsoring and so on.





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